Lina Alta

About Us

Lina Alta established its process of Stevia a herbal sweetener in the province of Aklan in Western Visayas Region of the Philippines in the year 2014.

It has been used in wide range as a sugar substitute because of its benefits especially for those who are health conscious.

The company started with a two hectares field in which the stevia plant will be planted and while they are still growing for 150- 180 days, they will be transferred to the 40 square meters factory for further processing.

Lina Alta is committed and dedicated to bring its customers the benefits of the Stevia plant through its high quality products.

Lina Alta Stevia Powder is sold in boxes containing 12 packets while pulverized stevia leaves are available in various packs from a 50 gram pack to a kilogram pack.

Giving a guilt-free sweetness to your everyday.