Pulverized Stevia Leaves

The purest form of stevia. It has natural sweet taste with some sort of aftertaste.

Pulverized green stevia leaves are believed to be 300 times sweeter than regular sugar, a small amount can sweet huge quantities, ideal for baking, food and beverage manufacturing.

Zero Calories & Zero Carbs, Best for those people who regularly monitors  their calorie intake and for those who loved to maintain a precious weight but with  a huge cravings for sweets.

Zero Glycemic Index, meaning taking this will not result to a raise in your blood sugar.


Pulverized Stevia leaves is available in 100g, 250g and 1kg packs.

We also offer: Stevia Flakes and Stevia Dried Leaves.

FDA Registration No.: FR-4000002184605    LTO No.: CFFRR-RVI-FM-1664