Stevia on Diabetes

 Are you one of the 3.7 million Filipinos living with Type 2 diabetes? Or, you want to start a healthy eating plan?

Consuming Stevia is a good start.

Stevia has stevioside–a non-carbohydrate compound, which will add zero calories to your diet; making it a great substitute for table sugar. Of course, to manage your blood sugar, you must limit your sugar consumption or avoid it.

Researchers Dr. Koenraad Philippaert and Prof. Rudi Vennekens from the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium explains that the components of Stevia extract–stevioside and steviol, stimulate the ion channel called TRPM5; which is responsible to different processes in our body. TRPM5 ensures that the pancreas releases enough insulin, which keeps your blood sugar level from getting too high or too low.

You might have one question⁠—”Any side effects?” It has none. Stevia is a plant, which contains vitamins and minerals like chromium and magnesium. Chromium helps maintain normal glucose levels, while Magnesium helps produce more insulin and ensure its effectivity.

To clearly see the anti-diabetic effects of Stevia, thus, further research. Yet, no study has determined Stevia having negative effects. As of now, you might want to explore Stevia as a sugar substitute.

Let’s aim for a diabetes-free community.


Researchers unravel how stevia controls blood sugar levels

Stevia and Diabetes